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    5 Axes Aluminium Profile Processing Center

    Product Code: AIM 7510

    Product Information

    AIM 7510 is 5-axis servo controlled machining center which is designed to perform drilling, grooving, notching, taping, saw milling, etc. on all kinds of aluminum & PVC profiles, light alloys in general and thin walled steel profiles.

    • CNC automation system providing motion control at 5-axis
    • Uninterrupted machining property by means of the tandem mode to prevent waste of time
    • Easy to programm with user-friendly CAMPROX CAM
    • 2 x separate magazine unit for 12 standard tools and 1 for saw blade with 350 mm dia.
    • Solid steel construction of the body and dynamic performance gantry
    • Automatic clamp recognition and clamp positioning are available
    • Special sound insulation cabinet around the machining center
    • CNC controlled spray tool lubrication system
    • 8 x automatic clamps used for grabbing the work piece firmly
    • 2 x pneumatic rests used for resetting the work piece in X direction
    • Hand held controller allows you to prove the job before running at speed
    • Optimum operational safety guaranteed by 3-zone field scanner system
    • 10’’ color touch screen
    • Program import via USB flash memory stick
    • Standard ISO ‘G’ code programming language
    • Automatic central guide lubrication system
    • LED lighting in the cabinet
    • Multi-language support


    • Work station PC for CAM applications
    • Compensation chuck (up to M8)
    • Tool length measurement kit
    • Chip removal conveyor belt
    • Tool car
    • Additional clamps
    • Saw blade, tools, tool holder and collets
    • Covering sound insulation material inside the cabinet

    Package: 1 Pairs

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