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    PVC Corner Cleaning Machine (4 – 6 Cutters)

    Product Code: CA 603

    CA 603 and CA 605 Single Corner Cleaning Machines are used for striping of bottom and top surfaces and
    cleaning outer corners of 90° PVC welded profiles.

    High quality stripping and cleaning operations by means of the hydro-pneumatic system
    Profile processing capability up to 180 mm of height
    Practical change of cutter provides ease of operation
    Fixing the work piece firmly by means of the vertical and horizontal clamps
    Stops automatically after stripping and cleaning operation
    PLC operation system
    Centering system to fit the profiles properly on the setsquare
    Robust machine stand
    Pneumatic tool fixing and releasing system
    Stripping blade levels are adjustable according to laminated and un laminated profiles
    Processing capability of 2 different PVC profile
    4 different cutter set can be mounted on a modul (CA 603)
    6 different cutter set can be mounted on a modul (CA 605)

    Air gun

    Corner cleaning cutters

    Package: 1 Pairs

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