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    PVC Welding And Corner Cleaning Line

    Product Code: CCL 1660

    Product Information
    • Providing 2 and 4 axis CNC controlled corner cleaning movement and the 4 corners of PVC profiles welding line …
    • Yilmaz cleaning machine custom profiles programming
    • Capable to operate manually and automatically,
    • Automate the recognition profile,
    • Automatic cleaning blade profile with 11 teams,
    • separate cleaning blades for colored and white profiles,
    • Profile wing width and height chassis control sensor,
    • Automatic bearing lubrication system, Windows-based touch-screen computer,
    • To be able to transfer programs via USB memory,
    • Technical support network with remote connection
    • movable control panel,
    • The speed can be changed during the process,
    • 220 frames / 8 hours (608 CNC)
    • 270 frames / 8 hours
    • The display of alarms and alerts can be seen,
    • Phase control system,
    • Low pressure control system,
    • Automatic profile flip robot can transfer the end of the 4 corners of the cleaning line feature
    • Automation system that allows movement in three axes (X, Y1, Y2),
    • Supply range from 0.2 to 2 mm Yilmaz Machine-specific automatic switching,
    • Manual and automatic measurement by entering the ability to work with barkdod reader
    • Topal able to boil the door,
    • Can be entered via the display of the welding parameters and can be saved,
    • Quickly and easily replaceable Teflon ironing the feature to create 1,000 Profline the prescription,
    • To follow up on the screen during the process of processing time,
    • Possibility to place easy profile in long dimension,
    • mm or inch operation of the


    Package: 1 Pairs

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