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    Spindle Copy Router Machine

    Product Code: CRM 250 S

    It is designed to operate quickly and precisely lock’s holes on aluminum profile, without releasing the workpiece.

    Copy router with 1 vertical and 2 horizontal spindle motors ( 3 x 1.1 Kw 12.000RPM)
    • Designed to perform quickly and precisely lock’s holes on 3 sides of the aluminum profile without releasing the workpiece
    • Pneumatic 2 x horizontal and 2x vertical clamps
    • Horizontal and vertical pneumatic tracers with 3 diameters Ø 5, Ø 8, Ø 10 mm
    • Horizontal & vertical templates with standard figures for Aluminum and PVC profiles.
    • Smooth movement, high precision and great sensitivity provided with gas spring and ergonomic handles
    • 1 m of roller support table at the right (with ruller) and left side
    • Manualy adjustable profile stops 5 placed on the right and left that allows the work piece to be positioned properly in the machine.
    • Spray tool lubrication system

    • Additional router bits with Ø5mm, Ø8mm and Ø 10mm
    • Additional collets with, Ø 8 and Ø10
    • Special templates

    Package: 1 Pairs

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