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    Heavy Duty Template Copy Router

    Product Code: CRM 301 S

    It is used for the processing of slots for locks, drilling handles, hinges, espagnolette holes and opening water drain slot on PVC and aluminum profiles without releasing the workpiece

    • Equipped with a rotating table fixing at -90°/0°/+90° in order to machine three faces of profiles without releasing the clamps
    • Equipped with table brake system to stop the turning table and machining the profile in any angle between -90° and 90°
    • High performance of spindle motor 3P, 2.2 kW
    • Processing capacity (X) 585 mm, (Y) 200 mm, (Z) 200 mm
    • Quick and easy adjustment of 3 pcs of tracers with 3 different diameters Ø 5, Ø 8 and Ø 10mm
    • Equipped with variable speed spindle adjusted by inverter and potentiometer (from 2800 to 12000rpm)
    • PLC control system
    • Gas spring mechanism for helping the operator to move the head upward after work
    • Ability to work steel up to 2 mm of thickness using the pneumatic water spray cooling system

    • Ø 8 mm x L 120 mm cutter bit
    • Spray tool lubrication system
    • Air gun
    • Left and right profile stops
    • Service spanners (24 mm)
    • Collet wrench
    • Copy template equipped with machine
    • LED lighting equipment
    • 4 x horizontal clamps

    • Digital measuring system indicating the table rotating angle on the screen
    • Collet for Ø 5 cutter bit
    • Collet for Ø 8 cutter bit
    • Collet for Ø 10 cutter bit
    • Special copy templates

    Package: 1 Pairs

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