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    Compatible with actuators Series QUASAR, VEGA and NANO

    Product Code: E-LOCK

    E-LOCK is a linear drive designed to lock the window hardware and ensure, in combination
    with a chain actuator, the best window closing tightness. E-LOCK has to be integrated
    into or installed in the window profile.
    It has been designed to be used in combination with electric chain actuators series QUASAR and VEGA 24 Vdc (TWIN QUASAR and TWIN VEGA included).

    Stainless steel case.
    The locking plate can be mounted on both side of the drive.
    Provided with an emergency unlocking mechanism.
    Different strokes can be selected by internal switches.
    Available a version to be used with QUASAR BMS and VEGA BMS actuators for the connection to a network of Building Management System.

    Operating logic

    When opening the actuator unlocks the hardware and, three seconds after the complete release,
    power is supplied to the chain actuator.
    In closing, three seconds after the action of the chain actuator current limit stop, E-LOCK operates
    the locking hardware.
    E-LOCK is also able to be connected to end-stroke switches (ex. Magnetic type) to be placed
    between the frame and the sash to ensure the effective close position of the window.
    E-LOCK BMS communicates via BUS line with chain actuators BMSline, whose electronic board
    manages the feedback information and checks the locking or unlocking status of the hardware.

    Package: 1 Pairs

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