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    Type LK1 Manual Adjustments

    Product Code: Knurling Machine LK1

    Built for the knurling of the pocket section of thermal break aluminium profiles with 2 hardened special knurling wheels.

    machine stand with treated table – top
    2 knurling heads, each electric driven by motor and powered by toothed-belt on linear guiding for vertical and horizontal adjustment
    2 “vulcollan” – surfaced guide rollers each on linear guiding for horizontal and vertical adjustment
    “vulcollan” – surfaced guide rollers on ball bearings, ø80, L=320 [mm]
    “vulcollan” – surfaced side rollers
    digital readouts for all adjustments
    frequency inverter to vary the feeding speed
    optional axis control (CNC)
    optional clamps for direct strip insertion

    Technical data
    Power: 1,5 kW
    Feeding speed: 0,3 … 3,0 m/s
    Weight: 650 kg

    Package: 1 Pairs

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