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    Force in push action 650-1500 N Strokes 180-350-550-750-1000 mm

    Product Code: RACK

    10 mm square rack transmission for strokes 180-350-550 mm and 12 mm square rack transmission for strokes 750-1000 mm.
    Supplied with 1,5 m cable.
    To be ordered a part end brackets or sliding brackets; the dovetail slide allows the fixing on the whole length of the rack actuator.
    24 Vdc version is suitable for installation on smoke and heat extraction systems in conformity to UNI EN 12101-2.

    (*) RACK 24 Vdc approved by Istituto Giordano (test report 243341) and TUV NRM: KH 00.1.2.

    Package: 1 Pairs

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