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    Type Advanced

    Product Code: Rolling Machine

    Crimping of the joint zone of aluminium profiles (thermal break) by means of 6 rolling discs.
    1st station: Guiding and pre-crimping
    2nd station: Crimping
    3rd station: Straightening (horizontally and vertically)

    • Motorised machine height adjustment
    • Supports 1 and 2 adjustable for width
    • Support 3 adjustable for width, as well as adjustable horizontally and vertically (for correction of the profile)
    • 12 synchr. driven rolling discs, upper and lower discs in indiv. bearings
    •3×2 lower “Vulkollan” horiz.l rollers, height and width adjustable
    •3×2 upper “Vulkollan” horiz. rollers, height and width adjustable
    •Adjustment mechanism for rolling disc width and rolling disc offset
    •All relevant axes with adjustment drives
    •Drive with frequency converter
    •Guard with safety cut-out
    •Optional: Machine rotatable

    Technical data
    Power: 3 kW
    Feeding speed: 0,18 – 1.2 m/s
    Weight: 1850 kg

    Package: 1 Pairs

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