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    Max force 180 N Strokes 250-380 mm

    Product Code: SINTESI

    Two selectable strokes: 250 mm or 380 mm.
    Three dovetail slides for an easy installation; the sliding fixing bracket is included in the package.
    SINTESI 2000: Exclusive system for electrical connection. The special removable plug allows a very quick and easy connection for the final test of the actuators on the building site.
    In case of window with height less than 500 mm (for 250 mm stroke) and 800 mm (for 380 mm stroke), install pivoting brackets part No. 40560T.
    For installation of two SINTESI 2000 on the same vent it is available a control coupling unit 230 Vac, part. No. 41089V.

    Package: 1 Pairs

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