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    Digital Roller Conveyor with Automatic Stop

    Product Code: SKN 300-450-600

    It is computerized conveyor which helps to cut the profiles precisely in the required measurements

    • Manual or automatic operation features
    • Windows based PLC controlled 15’’ touch screen monitor
    • Preparing cutting lists manually or via PC
    • Remote connection and problem solving feature
    • Easy program transfer with USB memory stick
    • Maximum +/- 0.1 mm of cutting accuracy
    • Making changes on the cutting lists by the screen
    • Conveyor length: 3000 mm
    • Useful width: 200 mm
    • Carrying capacity: 9 kg/m
    • Minimum cutting length: 5 mm
    • SKN 450 is available with the length of 4.500 mm
    • SKN 600 is available with the length of 6.000 mm

    Package: 1 Pairs

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