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    PVC Single Corner Welding Machine

    Product Code: TK 505

    This machine is ideal for the single corner welding of PVC profiles between 30°- 180°
    Adjustment of standard (2 mm) or seamless (0.2 mm) welding options manually
    Setting of standard (2 mm) or seamless (0.2 mm) welding options automatically

    Enable the welding of all angles between 30°-180°infinitely adjustable
    Practical adjustment of standard (2 mm) or seamless (0.2 mm) welding options manually
    Welding possibility for very high (180 mm) profiles
    All parameters such as melting and welding time, welding pressure are set independently
    Automatically start and finish the welding cycle
    Adjusting the heat between 0-300°C by means of the electronic thermostat
    Easy and smooth welding operations for long profiles by means of rotating support arms
    Maintenance friendly, for example cleaning of the heater plate and changing of the Teflon is very easy by means of quick change system
    Standard equipped with height adjustable profile support arms on both side
    Clamping the profiles separately via foot pedal
    Saving of time by means of practical mold change feature


    Special welding molds

    Package: 1 Pairs

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