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    Max force 600 N Strokes 500-300mm

    Product Code: TWIN QUASAR - TWIN VEGA

    Chain in double stainless steel links.
    he control electronic circuit synchronizes the speed of the motors through encoder.
    Anodized (silver) or painted (white or black) aluminium casing.
    The manual closing position regulation is not required: the stop in closing position is regulated by an electronic limit switch.
    Electronic stop in the intermediate positions in case of overload.
    Being provided with two chains, it is particularly suitable for very wide windows
    Available versions on request:
    UR and UL versions
    in order to get the same width of the window it is possible to supply actuators with customized distance between the chains (minimum 720 mm)
    TWIN QUASAR with different values of force (in push and / or pull) and of speed that can be fixed speed or selectable in two levels (maximum or limited speed). The reduction of speed allows to obtain very quiet actuators
    F-SIGNAL Vdc with opening and closing feedback signal (free potential, maintained contact), activated by the current limit
    BMSline version with programmable features (stroke, speed, force,…) and different scenarios selectable with a connection to a computer and dedicated software – see “BMSline” section

    Package: 1 Pairs

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