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    Building Lighting Design and Suppliers

    Well-designed lighting can enhance all aspects of the person’s experience. Not only does it provide an understanding of form, space, and material, it also affects our senses, our emotions, our health, and our well-being. At building lighting design and suppliers we offer creative and energy-efficient lighting solutions for all types of projects. Our well-planned lighting schemes are fully integrated with the architecture and are tailored to the needs of the end-user while creating spaces that are inspiring and responsive. Lighting for buildings brings together art, science, and technology.

    We understand the interplay of structural form and lighting, and we work with architects and artists to provide original conceptual designs. Our technical knowledge ensures that the concepts are turned into viable solutions.

    We also know how lighting affects people at work, home, school, and play, not just indoors but outdoors as well. This enables us to shape solutions that are as positive for people as they are sustainable for the environment and business.

    Building lighting design and suppliers help customers think about lighting strategically, whether their goal is to use the visual and emotional impact of light to strengthen brand experiences or reduce carbon emissions and save on energy bills.

    We bring excellence in the design of the most challenging lighting schemes, such as world-class sports venues, where the quality of the lighting is essential so that the media does not miss a trick.

    We work closely with building physicists and facade engineers to understand and control indoor lighting and solar heat gain during the day. At night, when light defines the signature of a building, we use lighting designs and multimedia façades to achieve a striking effect. Our approach encapsulates the corporate identity and the brand image in clean and neat details, completely personalized for each client.

    The light that works in the context

    Building lighting design and providers incorporate thoughtful approaches to lighting into master plans to create places that work best for people.

    The human factor

    Working for a variety of clients, including local authorities, developers, construction companies, and architects, we tailor our solutions to client needs, combining functionality, aesthetics, and technological expertise with financial and environmental considerations.

    Most importantly, we focus on the human factor. Whether we are designing for a factory, museum, work station, city street, park, or residential development, we are passionate about light, its ability to transform and enhance, and we enjoy delivering unique and successful results for all the projects of our clients.

    Green lighting design

    We building lighting design and suppliers are dedicated to finding creative and functional design solutions that also meet the requirements for energy efficiency and maintainability, and we have a wealth of experience designing within the challenges and limitations of the strictest energy codes. Our day lighting design includes window design and placement, as well as daylight calculations for energy rating systems. We are also well versed in the application of construction standards and technologies and smart buildings.

    We also take care of managing the ecological impacts of our lighting designs.

    Why building lighting design and suppliers?

    Building lighting design and providers offer integrated facade lighting services from concept to construction and is a comprehensive solution for the design, manufacture, supply, and installation of facade lighting. Our solutions are designed to design and customize according to customer needs.

    More than 500 kinds of high-quality lighting products and accessories to meet all needs

    Provide a complete set of services from technical system design, product design, facade lighting integration, supply, installation, and project management.

    1. The world’s most preferred brand is widely specified by all major builders, architects, and consultants around the world.

    2. Flawless product delivery with strict quality controls before shipment

    3. Customization options available based on customer requirements

    4. The consultation requires analysis and fact-finding to provide a more viable and economical solution.

    5. Easy-to-install and maintenance-free products and solutions

    6. ISO, CE, and MSME certified company

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